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19.07.2017 Apple has patented the emergency calls using fingerprints
Apple has patented the method of calling emergency services using a specific sequence of fingerprints.
15.06.2017 Baltica’s Chinese Twin
The Baltika Breweries (the Carlsberg Group part) filed a lawsuit in the Beijing IP Rights Court with a request to cancel the Kuyadom trademark registration.
29.05.2017 Eagles file trademark suit against Hotel California in Mexico
The Eagles are suing the owners of a Mexican hotel named Hotel California, claiming it's capitalizing off the band's hit song of the same name.
04.04.2017 Delete a Post with «Just do it» Slogan to Protect Your Trademark
Nike demanded oppositionist Alexei Navalny, a Russian politician and public figure, a lawyer, creator of the «Anti-Corruption Fund», to delete from the social network a post with the advertising slogan «Just do it».
Hollywood producer and screenwriter Gary Goldman known for the works «Anastasia» (1997) and «All Dogs Go to Heaven» (1989) brought a lawsuit to Disney for stealing the idea of the cartoon «Zootopi».
24.03.2017 Ban Advertising With a Map of Russia Without the Crimea
Senators proposed to ban advertising with maps of Russia without the Crimea. The relevant bill was submitted to the State Duma and placed in the electronic database of the lower house of Parliament. As indicated in the explanatory note the amendments are planned to be added to the advertising law.
20.03.2017 The Kalashnikov Family Will Not Return the AK-47 Brand
The Supreme Court of Russia denied CJSC "M.T. Kalashnikov "owned by Mikhail Kalashnikov's relatives in the revision of the decision on the rights to the automaton brand.
13.03.2017 Dash Server as a Registered Trademark in Russia
The world's largest Internet retailer Amazon has filed an application for the “Dash” trademark registration in Russia, an innovative button that automatically orders products from the company's resource. The application was received on January 9, 2017 and now is under consideration.
09.02.2017 BMW won the case against the two Chinese companies
The Shanghainese Court determined two Chinese companies and the founder of one of them to pay to BMW automaker an indemnity in amount of 3 billion yuan ($ 431.6 th.) for the registration of trademarks similar to the logo of German automaker.
06.02.2017 Google complaint to the Russians due to letters «ɢ»
Google has turned into an organization of pre-trial settlement of a complaint against the Russians who owns the domain ɢ