23.08.2012 The court corroborated the refusal issued by Rospatent in respect of AVATAR brand registration for perfume.
Moscow Arbitration Tribunal corroborated the refusal issued by Rospatent in respect of AVATAR brand registration for a Russian producer of perfumes that is “Parfumeriya of the XXI century” LLC, RAPSI agency was informed at the court.
23.08.2012 Danone company has lost its rights for “Activia” logo partially.
The long-lasting patent dispute between Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods (WBDF) and Danone company has come to an end. Last summer WBDF that owns PepsiCo company filed an application to annul Danone rights for Activia logo. Rospatent satisfied the company claims partially. In accordance to that Danone is prohibited to produce milk, dried milk and whipped cream under Activia logo.
23.08.2012 The Swiss watchmaker has protected his brand from the British company.
The Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal has left the decision of the first instance standing. In accordance with that Rado Uhren AG (Switzerland), the producer of prestigious chronometers, won an action within the hearing with Holmrook ltd (British Virgin Islands). RADO trademark was subject of the dispute. The Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal dismissed Valentina Merkushina’s appeal. She was the third party within the bounds of the case. The proceeding was terminated on the analogous appeal filed by Nikolay Mikhailuk, the third party.
23.08.2012 Astrid Lindgren's inheritors registered «The Kid and Karlsson» trademark.
Earlier Rospatent registered two different trademarks – “Kid” and “Carlson”.
Saltkrakan ab, the Swedish company, has obtained a permission for "The Kid and Karlsson” trademark registration in Russia. Formerly Rospatent declined the petition filed by the company that manages Astrid Lindgren’s copyrights.
23.08.2012 The Russian businessman crossed a road of Microsoft
The American corporation tries to adjudge windows.ru domain from the Russian entrepreneur. The preliminary hearing within the bounds of the suit was held in Moscow Arbitration Tribunal. Polina Romanova, Kommersant FM correspondent, reports on the core of the dispute.