01.06.2016 «Facebook» lost in court for trademark
Beijing High Court has banned the Chinese plant in Guangdong Province to sell chips and canned vegetables under the trademark «face book».
16.05.2016 Russia is the first country where the trademark “bitcoin” is registered
The bitcoin trademark rightholder will present it to the public. Russia became the first country in which the trademark is registered. Alex Fork is the author of the first book about Bitcoin. The trademark was registered under number 552 645. Period of validity a patent expire on 30 December 2023.
10.05.2016 3 thousand dollars for poetry in advertising
Tver District Court of Moscow ordered the McDonald's company to pay the compensation in the amount of 3 thousand dollars to Ivan Sergeyev who is a grandson of the poetess Adelina Adalis for the illegal use of a his grandmother’s poem in advertising.
14.04.2016 Pele is going to win by court action
The legendary footballer Pele has filed a lawsuit against Samsung Electronics Co for the amount of $ 30 million alleging that the company used improperly the image of his counterpart in the advertisement published in the New York Times without specific permission.
05.04.2016 Russian court sides with Hyundai in dispute with intellectual property rights
The Intellectual Property Court sided with the South Korean automotive group Hyundai Motor Company in a dispute with Rospatent for the protection of intellectual property rights for Hyundai Autron trademark.
04.04.2016 Apple has defended the brand registration in Russia
June 2013 Apple Company has filed an application for word trademark «iWatch» registration. April 2015 Rospatent made a decision on the refusal stating that the claimed designation is confusingly similar to international trademarks registered in respect of similar goods of Classes 09 and 14 of the Nice Classification.
30.03.2016 Europe has not recognized the Coca-Cola bottles design
The European Court rejected the Coca-Cola Company lawsuit on the recognition of bottles design as a trademark.
14.03.2016 "VKontakte" is successful in action
The dispute with Warner Music was the last massive lawsuit of «VKontakte" with the international music rightholders. "VKontakte" won in court from Warner Music on the claim of illegal distribution of music in the social network.
11.03.2016 Google has patented a book with elements of augmented reality
January 2015 Google Corporation filed an application to the United States Patent and Trademark office for a book with elements of augmented reality patent.
01.03.2016 China registers its first audio trademark
News bureau "Xinhua" reports that China will soon finally register their first audio trademark – a state radio station tune.