29.02.2016 Coca Cola bottle shape cannot be trademarked?
General Court of the European Union supported the decision stating that the Coca-Cola bottle "does not possess any qualities that distinguish it from other bottles on the market".
24.02.2016 Coca-Cola will register the word “Zero” as a trademark
The Coca-Cola Company management intends to register in the future the designation Zero as its own trademark in respect of drinks with zero concentration of sugar.
16.02.2016 National Register of Intellectual Property in Russia
The first musical publishing company launches the National Register of Intellectual Property in Russia. The project kick-off is scheduled for January 28.
08.02.2016 Acquisition of the distinctive character for trademark in Russia
In July 2013 the Japanese multinational company Brother Industries Ltd filed an application for word trademark «DCP» registration. In June 2015 Rospatent made a decision to refuse the registration indicating that the claimed designation does not have the distinctive character due to the fact that it is a combination of letters that do not have the verbal nature. In September 2015 the applicant filed an objection in which has expressed his disagreement with the decision and asked to cancel the decision on refusal.
01.02.2016 Trademark Havana Club in the USA
United States Patent and Trademark Office granted the Cuban authorities the right to register trademark of the famous rum brand Havana Club. The license was issued by the state enterprise "Cuba export" "only for 15 days".  However "Cuba export" has sent a request to the Bureau for an extension of the license for at least 10 years.
29.01.2016 El Chapo is drug lord and a brand
The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property has recently confirmed the registration of four trademarks associated with the Sinaloa Cartel (the largest Mexican drug dealer). The family of drug lord has filed an application for registration of 24 trademarks.
26.01.2016 Trademark BLACK FRIDAY in Russia
Trademark BLACK FRIDAY will be registered in Russia. The Federal Service for Intellectual Property of the Russian Federation (Rospatent) has made such decision. The company "BlackFriday" which owns the site-aggregator of discounts (BlackFridaySALE.ru) will be the rightholder.
22.01.2016 Nestle failed to register the shape of Kit Kat chocolate bars in the UK
Nestle which is a manufacturer of Kit Kat chocolate bars in the UK failed to register the form of the chocolate bars. According to CBS the British High Court found the bar form unoriginal.
19.01.2016 El Chapo is wanted to be registered
The family of infamous Mexican drug lord Joaquin El Chapo Guzman better known as El Chapo is trying to register his name as a trademark.
18.01.2016 Apple stands up for the rights of the trademark in Russia
Arbitration court sided with Apple in the case of unlawful use of trademarks. Ninth Arbitration Appeal Court has leaved unchanged the decision to recover 1.7 million rubles from the four companies in favor of Apple's unlawful use of trademarks.