A perfumer has registered a trademark that has a smell of natural leather
Perfumer Natalia Kolyago succeeded in obtaining exclusive rights for a trademark that has a form of  a leather tag with strong fragrance of natural leather. “Izvestia” informs that it is the first trademark with a smell registered in Russia.

The perfumer plans production of perfume for men and women with the registered smell. Information on what products are produced by Natalia Kolyago at the moment was not managed to be found.

Registration of trademarks perceived by smell is usually rather difficult, that is caused by complexity of distinctive capacity determination.

In spring of 2012 the first tactile trademark was registered in Russia. The prominent trademark reproduces outline of the All-Russian Association of the Blind, exclusive rights on which are held by “The Foundation of mutual aid for the self-motivated blind and the visually impaired”. The All-Russian Association of the Blind was not going to register its logo officially.