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America will get its own Kalashnikov.

America will get its own Kalashnikov.

It was announced earlier this year that US Company Kalashnikov USA LLC has started registration of word and device trademark (Kalashnikov)  in respect of Classes related to manufacture and repair of firearms and their components.

It should be noted  that the subject device mark - the letter K with the original element in the form of white and red arcs upward, which resemble the firearm clip - was created by a Russian company for "Kalashnikov" Concern. According to representatives of "Kalashnikov" Concern  Kalashnikov USA LLC has no relation to the  "Kalashnikov" Concern in  Russia.

RWC Group is the only one official supplier of "Kalashnikov" firearms in America and Canada, but in connection with sanctions in force, the previously signed contract has been suspended. It was decided by the foreign company management to establish a company Kalashnikov USA LLC and start the production of weapons under this brand.

"Kalashnikov" Concern had also filed trademark applications, but due to the anti-Russian sanctions registration procedure was suspended.