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Apple has patented the emergency calls using fingerprints


Apple has patented the method of calling emergency services using a specific sequence of fingerprints.

As follows from the patent description published in the United States Patent and Trademark Office register, the new function will allow you to dial up 911, «when traditional methods cannot be used».

Thus the user will be able to call emergency services, even if he or she is under an abuser. For example, as a command for a set of 911 can serve a certain sequence of fingers (medium - pinky - medium), which are applied to the fingerprint sensor. Sideways it will seem that the user is trying to unlock the device.

In addition, in extreme circumstances, after activating this function, the phone can start recording audio or video, as well as hide personal information stored on the device.

Earlier it was reported that Apple is developing a device for measuring blood sugar levels.

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