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Apple registers trademark "Yabloko"* in Russia

Apple registers trademark "Yabloko"* in Russia

Apple has filed an application for trademark "Yabloko" registration in Russia.  Analysts noted that US corporations seek to consolidate its position in the Russian market, and finally deal with counterfeit products.

According to the document, the American corporation requires secure their rights to the name «Yabloko» for the five categories of goods and services: computers, e-books, MP3-players, voting machines and X-ray machines.

Then and there Apple is planning to register the mark even in a number of categories: paper, cardboard, course book about computers, commercial advice to consumers, scientific and technological services and related research and development.

So the company is trying to protect its brand from smugglers and people who illegally use the name of the company.

Later on the United Democratic Party "Yabloko" representative Boris Vishnevsky said that the Party "absolutely not worried about" commercial use of the trademark "Apple" in the context of the Party’s activity. He explained that the application to Rospatent related exclusively to the business interests of the company and is designed to protect its rights in the market.


* Yabloko (Яблоко) – is Russian equivalent of the English word “apple”