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Artificial intelligence was invented in Russia.

Artificial intelligence was invented in Russia.

In Russia was invented the artificial intelligence which is able to control the aircraft and cars, as well as to complete tasks on geometry for 7th grade. It has no analogues in the world.

One of the developers of the program is the doctor of technical sciences, Professor of the Moscow State Automobile and Road Technical University Oleg Varlamov. He says that the power capacity of the computer on which it installed makes no difference. It means that the cost of installation is quite humane. For example, the installation on the car will cost about 50 thousand rubles, not millions of dollars.

Also, the program can be installed on the robot vacuum cleaner. Without human intervention and special markerallows it to avoid the corners and not to go, for example, under the couch, At the heart - a new approach, in whichthe program is not just a set of instructions, it uses them to acomplish tasks basing on the type of men’s logic.

Varlamov believes that it will create in Russia a search engine much more perfect than the currently existingglobal search engines.

It is expected that in the future the program also becomes capable of emotions and learning elements of the female logic (scientists say it is more complex than men's). The highest level of learning knowledge base becomes a skill to joke as a human, as the joke has several meanings, and the robot, equipped with existing intelligence is unable to recognize them.