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Astrid Lindgren's inheritors registered «The Kid and Karlsson» trademark.

Earlier Rospatent registered two different trademarks – “Kid” and “Carlson”.

Saltkrakan ab, the Swedish company, has obtained a permission for "The Kid and Karlsson” trademark registration in Russia. Formerly Rospatent declined the petition filed by the company that manages Astrid Lindgren’s copyrights.

In August of 2011 the Federal Service on Intellectual Property (Rospatent) determined the word mark “The Kid and Karlsson” confusingly similar with trademarks held by other persons. The trademarks as follows: “Karlsson”, “Karlsson on the roof” and “Carlson” are owned by Russian holders as well as two trademarks “Kid”, the word mark and the combined mark (in a fancy frame, in the form of ornament).

The Swedish company avoided the decision taken by Rospatent at the Chamber of Patent Disputes. Taking into consideration that the trademarks “Karlsson” and “Karlsson on the roof” are held by Saltkrakan ab, they were excluded from the expertise. As a result Rospatent admitted that “Carlson” and “Kid” separately are not the same as "The Kid and Karlsson”. These marks have no phonetic similarity, designated in the paper.

Therewith, the trademarks are of different length, that’s why they have a visual difference. As for the semantic difference, there can be noted the following. The semantic meaning of “The Kid and Karlsson” refers us to the story “The Kid and Karlsson on the roof” thus it is associated with this very story. Herein “Carlson” can be associated with a foreigner’s last name, while “Kid” – as a some child (a small boy).

Saltkrakan ab company was established by Astrid Lindgren’s children and grandchildren. The characters created by her live only "in books, movies, a theatre, in Astrid Lindgren’s world and in Junibacken (the museum dedicated to the writer’s work –”, said in the official site.