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BMW won the case against the two Chinese companies

trademark, brand

The Shanghainese Court determined two Chinese companies and the founder of one of them to pay to BMW automaker an indemnity in amount of 3 billion yuan ($ 431.6 th.) for the registration of trademarks similar to the logo of German automaker.

One of the accused has registered Deguo Baoma Group (Int'l) Holdings Limited - equivalent of the German BMW Group (Int'l) Holdings Limited according to the materials of the court for intellectual property rights of Shanghai. He also registered the trademark «BMN» which is similar to the BMW logo.

The second company - Chuangjia - used the trademark on different products including clothing, shoes and bags, and from year to year has changed the logo on close to BMW.

The court decided that the defendants violated the rights of BMW trademark registered in China and illegally used the group's reputation.