Cadbury asserted its exclusive right for the purple colour on the package.

Cadbury company has won a lawsuit and asserted its right to use the purple colour on the packages of the milk chocolate. However the exclusive right will not cover other types of chocolate as: dark or white.

The legal process was initiated by Nestle that refused to accept the exclusive right of Cadbury to use the tint of purple colour – pantone 2865c.

As a result of judicial proceedings Nestle company was prohibited to use this tint of purple colour for packages of its products. “We are satisfied with the court decision that allowed us to use the colour as a trademark and thereby protect our products. For a century Cadbury is associated with this colour and the British are used since their childhood to associate this colour with our chocolate as well”, - Cadbury informed.

In 2008 Cadbury registered the purple colour as a trademark, however the decision was suspended by the lawsuit filed by Nestle company.

The judge Colin Birss validated the exclusive right of Cadbury to use the purple colour on the package, as the producer presented strong evidence confirming that consumers associate the colour with the milk chocolate of this producer. However, the judge specified that the right covers only some kinds of the milk chocolate and milk drinks.

In a year of 1914 Cadbury produced its first chocolate Dairy Milk in a purple package.