Coca-Cola will register the word “Zero” as a trademark

The Coca-Cola Company management intends to register in the future the designation Zero as its own trademark in respect of drinks with zero concentration of sugar.

Representation of the Coca-Cola Company intends to register its own trademark Zero in the United States and Canada, but met serious opposition from a competing corporation under the name of Dr Pepper Snapple Group which also has a trademark Zero.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, last month United States Patent and Trademark Office started the application adoption procedure on the part of Coca-Cola. The Canadian government continues to reject the request of the corporation. Coca-Cola is trying to register the brand since 2007, according to the Dr Pepper company representative, in the case of the usage patent grant of the word as a new brand the United States and Canada authorities will license the exclusive right in the use of the word in the English language.