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Dash Server as a Registered Trademark in Russia


The world's largest Internet retailer Amazon has filed an application for the “Dash” trademark registration in Russia, an innovative button that automatically orders products from the company's resource. The application was received on January 9, 2017 and now is under consideration.

Dash is a small device in the form of a button that Amazon releases together with its partners. Usually these are companies from the FMCG sector that produce consumer products: Tide, Coca-Cola, Glade, Finish. As a rule these are the products that consumers use constantly which is why they are regularly replenished by customers.

Amazon expects that the device will simplify the order of new products: Dash is connected to the user account of the Internet retailer via Wi-Fi. For example, to replenish stocks powders just press the button with the logo Tide, after which the order will be issued and after a while the parcel with the product will be sent to the address specified earlier in the profile. It is assumed that in the future Dash will allow replenishing the stocks of the finished goods automatically without the participation of a person. Thus Amazon expects to become a market player of the "Internet of things" (the concept of connected to the Internet various devices that can interact with each other).

While Dash is available in four countries for Amazon Prime account holders (a special service for loyal Internet retailers) - in the US, UK, Germany and Austria. The cost of the device starts from $ 5. Information on a possible launch in Russia is not available. "We do not comment on the possibility of launching products in any countries and terms," said the representative of the European press service Amazon (in Russia there is no official representation of the company).