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Delete a Post with «Just do it» Slogan to Protect Your Trademark

Delete a post with «Just do it» slogan to protect your trademark

Nike demanded oppositionist Alexei Navalny, a Russian politician and public figure, a lawyer, creator of the «Anti-Corruption Fund», to delete from the social network a post with the advertising slogan «Just do it». The sportswear brand explained its requirements: «Nike as the official company’s logo and “Just do it” as the company's official motto are registered trademarks that Nike actively protects around the world».

On March 24 «Navalny Team» published a picture depicting a man in Nike sneakers and the signature «Just do it». It was an announcement of an anti-corruption protest in Moscow on March 26 posted on Twitter and VKontakte. It turned out that the law firm Pepeliaev Group who represents the Nike interests sent to Alexei Navalny's headquarters a letter demanding the deleting of the image. However this did not happen.

Vladimir Sokov, a senior partner of the company, sent a letter on the eve of the protest action. «Nike is not involved in political activities and seeks to promote an active lifestyle» - said Mr. Sokov. Law firm representatives also claimed that Nike was planned the event in the center of Moscow on the day of the protest action too: «Thus the unauthorized use of the symbols Nike may entail a variety of negative consequences for participants of all campaigns including those which were not agreed to hold in one place and at one time».