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Dutch court recognized vodka brands «Stolichnaya» and «Moskovskaya» Russian

Dutch court recognized vodka brands «Stolichnaya» and «Moskovskaya» Russian

Dutch court recognized the right of vodka brands "Stolichnaya" and"Moskovskaya" for Russia, thereby stopping the 12-year legal battle with the company Spirits International of businessman Yuri Scheffler.The court ruledthat Sheffler ‘s company should delegate the rights to Russian vodka brandsor pay € 100 000 fine lump-time and € 50,000 additional daily fine.

Spirits International deprived of the right to sell "Stolichnaya" and "Moskovskaya" in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, but the company can still file an appeal.The court's decision is already being called a precedent, since it can serve as an example for the resolution of similar litigation.

Vodka brand "Stolichnaya» and «Moskovskaya» are included in the portfolio of brands of the state company"Souzplodoimport" along with vodka «Russkaya» and champagne "Soviet". "Souzplodoimport" since 2002, on behalf of Russia the right to use and dispose of the trademarks on alcohol and alcohol-containing products, the copyright of which is the state.

The rightholder of the trademarks is the state but since 2002 "Souzplodoimport” exercises the rights of use and disposal of the trademarks on alcohol and alcohol-containing products on behalf of Russia.The Russian company for more than 10 years disputes in numerous lawsuits abroad the right to popular vodka brands.