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El Chapo is drug lord and a brand

The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property has recently confirmed the registration of four trademarks associated with the Sinaloa Cartel (the largest Mexican drug dealer). The family of drug lord has filed an application for registration of 24 trademarks.

It was two women who are presumably Guzman's wifes, Alejandrina Salazar and Emma Coronel, and his daughter Alejandrina Guzmán, who filed an application for trademark registration.

Among the requested brands were some notorious variations of Guzman’s nicknames: El Chapo, El Chapo Guzmán, El Chapito and Don Chapo Guzmán.

The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property gave Alejandrina Guzmán the right to use the brand El Chapo in four different categories of commercial products which include precious metals, jewelry, watches, leather and artificial leather, toys and Christmas tree ornaments.

The registered marks appear in the Global Database of WIPO, preventing the use of Chapo-related trademarks by third parties.

A lot of the Intellectual Property Agencies rejected the majority of applications for trademark registration on the grounds that they are contrary to morality and decency as the brand reproduces «the nickname of an individual wanted by the Attorney General’s office for the commission of several crimes”.

However the lawyers has challenged the decision explaining that the brand which it is trying to register allude “to no person in particular, as the word ‘chapo’ refers to anyone of short stature, and the last name ‘Guzmán’ is very common in México.”