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Electric lawn - a new invention of the Kuban scientists.

Electric lawn - a new invention of the Kuban scientists.

Krasnodar scientists have grown "electric" lawn! But initially they put a completely different task - to find a way to clean the dirt from the storm drains. For this purpose Biophysics have settled the microorganisms into the soil. They took them out of the mud lake Karasun. Live bacteria not only coped with the task, but also generated electricity.

They, being attached to the bio anode, give the electrons their enzyme systems, and thus there is a difference of potentials between the two cathodes, one of which is placed in the zone without oxygen, the second one is in the area with oxygen. Thus a small amount of electricity is generated, - said Vladislav Sheremet, co-author of the project.

Over this development, which is unique in Russia scientists and students of the Kuban State University have been working hard for 8 months. Now, if the lawn passes all the tests successfully, it may appear on the streets of Krasnodar.

However, the hope that a "miracle herb" able to cover entire streets - not worth it, its capacity is only enough foraesthetic lighting.