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Europe has not recognized the Coca-Cola bottles design

Europe has not recognized the Coca-Cola bottles design

The European Court rejected the Coca-Cola Company lawsuit on the recognition of bottles design as a trademark.

In their claims the Coca-Cola Company is required to register the shape of its bottles for beverages as a trademark. The requirement concerned the glass and plastic bottles as well as metal can. The Coca-Cola Company in its lawsuit claims referred to the fact that the design of its bottle is the result of "natural evolution" Coca-Cola packaging.

In 2014 the Trademark Office of the European Union, based in Spain, has acknowledged that the packaging in which sells Coca-Cola drink has no distinct differences. The same conclusion was made by the court in Luxembourg.

The judicial decision said that the company's bottles and cans do not have enough distinctive features to be considered a trademark. “This is just a variant of the form and packaging which does not allow the average consumer to distinguish these from other bottles," concluded The European Court.

The Coca-Cola officials said that they are disappointed by the decision of the court and will continue to seek recognition of the bottle shape as a trademark in the European Union.