Ford trademark recognized as well known in Russia.
After another appeal to the Intellectual Property Rights Court of the Russian Federation objecting the refusal decision of Rospatent, Ford company finally obtained the registration of its trademark as well-known in Russia. The trademark consists of word element "Ford", which is located in the center of the blue oval.

As it was clarified by Rospatent experts, refusal in recognizing the trademark as well known was caused by the lack of evidence proving the brand awareness and trademark’s active use in Russia, as well as different variations of the trademark used on cars.

Decision of refusal to register mentioned combined trademark as well-known in Russia was cancelled by the Intellectual Property Rights Court of the Russian Federation. Trademark application filed on March 10, 2014 was acknowledged as valid.

Ford company has been operating since 1903. Henry Ford is considered as its founder. Company became world famous after launching the first cars assembly line. Nowadays the concern holds the leading position in the industry and it is in top 20 largest US corporations.