HINO Toyota Group Company wants to ban the website with its brand in the domain.

On May 19 the Moscow City Arbitration Court will consider the claim of one of the largest truck manufacturers in Japan HINO - HINO Motors to “DizelKomTrans'” and individual Burtsev E.V. to ban the use of the plaintiff's trademark in a domainhinocomtrans.ru.

In particular, the Japanese company, which is a branch of the Toyota Corporation, asks the court to admit the domain name hinocomtrans.ru violation of the exclusive rights of the plaintiff to the trademark HINO. The company also requests to admit the use of the defendant in the identification of the brand itself as a seller of spare parts and accessories for motor vehicles HINO, violating its exclusive rights of the plaintiff andto prohibit its use.

Moreover, the plaintiff requests to recover with "DizelKomTrans' compensation in the amount of 1.25 million rubles. HINO Motors- one of Japan's largest manufacturers of trucks and buses and from the 1960s is a branch ofthe Toyota Corporation. HINO manufactures a wide range of diesel buses and trucks for various purposes