In the Netherlands was created a bio concrete capable of self-healing.

Dutch inventors have developed self-healing concrete, in which cracks automatically become overgrown due to special bacteria.

Ordinary reinforced concrete is covered with micro-cracks over time, in which moisture gets. After a few cycles of freezing and defrosting, cracks begin to expand. Water reaches the fittings, starting the process of corrosion. Rust also takes up more space than the original metal and concrete begins to crack and flake.

Scientists have proposed to add in reinforced concrete mixed with calcium with acido-lactic bacteria of the genus Bacillus, which live in rocks near active volcanoes and alkaline Lakes. When the crack enters the water, it awakens the bacteria from hibernation and begins to absorb the salt, disengaging calcite (a form of calcium carbonate) sediments of which fill in concrete cracks.

In addition, the new technology can be applied to repair already constructed buildings and roads: spray the liquid bacteria over the cracks.