LifeNews received 1 600 000 $ for its trademark in Russian journals.
Moscow Arbitration Court ordered the «Limited liability Сompany Bauer CIS and company» to pay compensation of  1 600 000 USD to the owner of the word trademark “That's life!" LLC "Inews" (Lifenews).
Requirements of LLC "Inews" contained in the lawsuit, were partially met. Initially, the amount of compensation was 1 600 000 USD. In addition, by a decision of the Court, the defendant has no right to continue use of the brand, which is not registered in its name.
Pursuant to case materials, LLC "Inews" cancelled another two lawsuits with the requirements of the destruction of printed products illegally released under their brand and publication of the Court's decision in the media, with recognition of the of the defendant's unlawful use of previously registered  trademarks owned by LLC "Inews".
According to the representative of LLC "Inews" (Lifenews) litigation could be avoided because before the trial a letter was sent to the respondent with the claim of illegal use of a trademark and the requirements of the infringement termination and material compensation. Requirements were not met within the prescribed time, as a result of which the plaintiff was forced to go to court.