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Mikhail Khodorkovsky as a brand

Mikhail Khodorkovsky as a brand

On the authority of the newspaper "Kommersant", the former head of the Yukos oil company Mikhail Khodorkovsky made his surname a brand.  According to the publication source in legal circles Rospatent registered trademark of Khodorkovsky and KHODORKOVSKY. At the same time a Russian trademark received confirmation of registration in Russia April 17, 2015 (published on May 7), an English - 1 June 2015 (published July 9).

According to the newspaper, the application for registration submitted by the British MBK IP UK Limited which is associated with Khodorkovsky. Information about registration is not present in the information resources of department, but in Rospatent "Kommersant" has officially confirmed the fact of providing legal protection in Russia marks the International Registration of the dates indicated.

It is assumed that the registration and protection of trademarks should cover 16 countries, including Azerbaijan, Belarus, Israel, Kazakhstan, Moldova, USA. At the time of publication the trademarks already received legal protection in Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Norway, Switzerland and some other countries.

Interfax reported that Khodorkovsky's lawyers have confirmed to "Kommersant" the fact of trademarks registration, of but refused to disclose plans of businessman on their practical application.