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National Register of Intellectual Property in Russia

National Register of Intellectual Property in Russia

The first musical publishing company launches the National Register of Intellectual Property in Russia. The project kick-off is scheduled for January 28.

The register will be created on publishing company’s technical and legal basis and will assume the individual management of intellectual property rights. Also, the register will be able to get not only music, but also movies, patents and other intellectual property.

"We propose to create volumetric databases of the intellectual property objects. On the basis of this database  in the online mode will be organized by an automated "meeting place" of users and rights holders, where they can easily and quickly come to an agreement on the conditions for licensing the use of objects of intellectual property rights in all spheres of activity ", - Dmitriev told the newspaper "Vedomosti".

The registry will deal not only with the proliferation of licensed content, but also its anti-piracy in the network. “A special module of on-line monitoring is created for this purpose, which in the case of detecting  of the rights violations will automatically start the procedure of pre-trial notice of offender", - said in a statement.

Methods of the register development and its cost are not yet known.