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New not yet released Apple brand

New not yet released Apple brand

Recently, the US company Entertainment in Flight registered in the US a new brand AirPods, which will go under the latest wireless headphones from Apple.

As noted, the business address of a little-known company coincides with the address of another organization - Carplay Enterprises, which last year held the registration of the brand CarPlay, owned by the largest American corporation Apple. It has allowed analysts to conclude that the Entertainment in Flight is also part of Apple.

The very application AirPods is recorded only in the US and conforms to the ninth section conventional classification of trademarks, under which fall under the specified brand headphones, microphones, speakers and other audio devices.

At the moment, Apple releases several kinds of wireless headphones, but they all come under the brand Beats. Therefore, it is assumed that the corporation plans to create a greater variety of entirely new devices, especially considering that smart watches Apple Watch does not support other methods of sound reproduction.