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Russia is the first country where the trademark “bitcoin” is registered

Russia is the first country where the trademark “bitcoin” is registered

The bitcoin trademark rightholder will present it to the public. Russia became the first country in which the trademark is registered. Alex Fork is the author of the first book about Bitcoin. The trademark was registered under number 552 645. Period of validity a patent expire on 30 December 2023.

In addition, the businessman is going to give the public his trademark “bitcoin”. As Alex Fork explained that it is done in order to "businesses can easily use it without fear of patent trolls."

“Commercial use of a mark is not planned, - said Alex Fork. On the contrary, the whole process (trademark registration) was started solely to prevent the possible Bitcoin brand monopolization in a single pair of hands and subsequent draining money from the Russian crypto currency users. This goodwill gesture aimed at the development of the industry”.

Bitcoin is a rapidly gaining popularity digital currency, accounting unit used to calculate the electronic payment systems. Digital cash with the same name was developed in 2010. Their designer is unknown. It is believed that digital currency created by Satoshi Nakamoto.

However, the fate of the new patent and its scope is unclear.