Russian court sides with Hyundai in dispute with intellectual property rights

The Intellectual Property Court sided with the South Korean automotive group Hyundai Motor Company in a dispute with Rospatent for the protection of intellectual property rights for Hyundai Autron trademark.

The court ruled in favor of Hyundai's two lawsuits against Rospatent, the organization that had previously refused to provide protection of intellectual property rights to the Hyundai Autron trademark in Russia.

In 2015 Rospatent refused to protect the Hyundai Autron intellectual property rights due to the fact that the trademark is registered in the same categories as computer hardware and software that is too similar to the trademark Hyundai.

Hyundai appealed the decision claiming that Hyundai Autron is another trademark on the basis of color, font, and other attributes. When Rospatent rejected the appeal, Hyundai filed a lawsuit with the court. 

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