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Russian desire to take Apple’s address

Russian desire to take Apple’s address

Russian perfumery company LLC "Apple Parfums" has filed an application for trademark registration. Now the corresponding domain name belongs to the American corporation Apple but as a trademark it is not registered.

There are more than 200 registered trademarks and applications for registration such as "Apple", "iPhone", "iPad", "iPod" and other in Apple Corporation in Russia but the trademark has not been registered.  The American corporation often registers their trademarks in several sections of the International Classification of Goods and Services: 09 Class, 16 Class, 28 Class, 35 Class, 37 Class, 38 Class, 41 Class, and 45 Class.

Internet address is owned by the American corporation since October 2009. There is no web site that is why the visitor is automatically readdresses to

Company "Apple Parfums" is engaged in production of perfume. It is also possible to find perfumes under the brand Apple on the site of this company. Apple perfume packaging which is reminiscent of the eponymous smartphone cost about 1-1.5 thousand rubles (15-23 USD).

We have applied for registration of the trademark. In the words of the lawyer of the company Marina Simakina, since 1995 a word mark "Apple" belongs to the group of companies "Unitop" which includes LLC "Apple Parfums" on such classes of Nice Classification as 3 Class (perfumery; cosmetics, including liquid; ), 35 Class (marketing studies; import-export agencies;) and 42 Class (sale of goods, shops). In the same year they registered the trademark "Yabloko"* in respect of similar goods and services. “Filing of application for registration is our right and then only the Federal Institute of Industrial Property will decide.  It would be a good thing if we will manage to register a trademark, but if will not we will try to prove that the trademark has the subsistence right”. Specific plans for business development are associated with the trademark The company considers it is a good trademark which will look spectacular”.

*Yabloko is a Russian equivalent of the English word “apple”.