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Russian invention: laser, capable to detect drugs in the air.

Russian invention: laser, capable to detect drugs in the air.

The laser, which detects drugs, toxins and explosives in the air, was developed in the Tomsk State University. The defense industry is already interested in the possibility of this laser.

Professor Anatoly Soldatov said that this invented laser makes it possible to study the gas composition of the atmosphere, to analyze the content of harmful impurities in it and draw conclusions about the content of the microparticles in the atmosphere.

Scientists would get an opportunity to determine the meteorological parameters of the atmosphere. It will be possible to identify the composition of the atmosphere not only toxins and pollutants, but explosives andnarcotics.

The inventors have noted that initially the invention may be useful to ecologists and companies of industrial character, to which clean and harmless production plays an important role.And also it can be used in man-made disasters in order to analyze the air.

The defense industry has already shown interest in some of the scope of the invention of the laser.