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Siberian scientists have created a unique "bone cement".

Siberian scientists have created a unique "bone cement".

Experts of Seversky Technology Institute have developed a unique substance thatallows you to restore quickly the human bone tissue. According to scientists, the unique properties of the new material have been proved in the course of experiments. The uniqueness of the substance is that when it is placed in the crack of a bone or in a bone fracture, in short period of time it transforms into a full bone tissue. The human body does not accept the material as a foreign substance and does not reject it.

The property of the new material allows using it in medicine, dentistry and cosmetology. Siberian experts believe that the new substance may reasonably be called "bone cement". It is noteworthy that the innovative material was discovered by accident.

Specialists of the Institute worked on the creation of a substance that accelerates wound healing in contact with the titanium prosthesis. The most valuable property of the unique organic product is that it can be left in the bodyafter healing of wounds and injuries.

Animal experiments have shown high efficiency of the "bone cement" developed by Russian specialists.Currently, the necessary documentation for clinical trials is being prepared.