Hollywood producer and screenwriter Gary Goldman known for the works «Anastasia» (1997) and «All Dogs Go to Heaven» (1989) brought a lawsuit to Disney for stealing the idea of the cartoon «Zootopi».

According to him the Oscar-winning cartoon does not belong to The Walt Disney Company. Goldman said that he himself came up with the idea of «animal city» project in 2000 and 2009 but both times he was denied by the studio. The suit contains information that the «Zootopi» consists of Goldman’s heroes, dialogues, you can say it, and even the name of it was the same!

The studio responded to Goldman that it was a lie and an attempt to assign the rights to a successful picture and they are intending to firmly assert their rights in court. Which of side is «sly fox» is still incomprehensible; there are reasonable arguments both there and there. However it is quite obvious right now who the winner is.

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