The inventions no one believed in. Gaslight.

In 1790th French engineer Philippe Lebon had several experiments trying to get a burning gas from dry distillation of wood. The inventor understood that wood and coal, under the heat and without air access, had emitted some illuminating gas. It took him 9 years to finish his idea. There were numerous sceptics that kept him down.

In 1797 the French Academy of Sciences decided to reject the project. Scientists claimed: «Everyone knows that not one lamp will burn without a wick». However, in 1799 Lebon received the patent to get an illuminate gas after all. A year ago he invented so-called thermo lamp.

Another year ago the scientist offered a new project of a gas combustion engine with air and gas compression.But this idea was condemned by the public. “Fantasts who wants to illuminate the streets with luminous gas in the tubes may as well illuminate London with a piece of the Moon” - claimed English physicist Charles Wallston in 1802. And again the sceptic was wrong - Philippe Lebon’s invention was successfully applied in England.

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