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The inventions no one believed in. Photography.

The inventions no one believed in. Photography.

In 1839 French artist and inventor Louis Daguerre presented the first photo to the world. This event took place at the meeting of the Paris Academy of Sciences. However they did not hurry to applaud to a new product, many of them didn’t even like this invention.

Chemist Franz Opel wrote in his article for the magazine "Leipziger Anzeiger": “As German accurate experience shown, catch the fleeting image of a man is absolutely impossible, not only in terms of technology. Such attempt is also sacrilegious. God created man in His own image, and God's image cannot be caught with any of the devicecreated by man”.

To convince sceptics, Daguerre said that he experimented together with Joseph Niepce, who died in 1833. But resist image he managed to capture in 1837 by means of mercury vapor.

In the end the public admitted this novelty and Louis Daguerre became rich and world famous . The imageobtained with the help of mercury vapor was named after the inventor - “daguerreotype”.