The inventions no one believed in. Singer sewing machine.

American inventor and manufacturer Isaac Singer never claimed to get a prize as an inventor of the sewing machine. But he quite successfully upgraded the existing model.

Singer realized that the shuttle should be positioned horizontally in order to string not to be tangled, and you can add a table desk for the fabric and foot pedal for drive gear to ease the work and free hands. Despite the fact that the first sample of “Singer” was sold at a price covering all costs, a new sewing machine relished not everybody.

“According to the opinion of Henry Talbot a guild of tailors chairman, a message about Mr. Singer’s sewing machine that came to us from America - is a ridiculous fun,” - wrote the editor of “tech news” Times newspaper in 1851. Meanwhile Singer’s improvements became the basic model of sewing machines for the next several decades. Almost every new part got a separate patent.