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The inventions no one believed in. Space rocket.

The inventions no one believed in. Space rocket.

A pioneer of modern rocketry Robert Goddard in 1909 had an idea of creating a multi-stage rocket. He noted that the advantage of multiple steps is that after the complete consumption of fuel from the tanks, they are discarded, thereby reducing the weight that must accelerate to a higher velocity.

Five years later he brought to life and got 2 patents - the first describes a multistage rocket, and the second was a description of a rocket fueled with gasoline and liquid nitrogen oxide.

Since 1919 Goddard was possessed with the idea of flying to the moon. He wrote a number of works on this subject, but skeptics did not believe that this is possible. In his column, editor of the "News of the art" of the newspaper The New York Times ridiculed the scientist and his idea. But Goddard continued to put his dreams into life.

The first liquid fuel rocket rose into the sky on March 16, 1926 in Auburn, Massachusetts. The rocket no larger than a human hand soared to a height of about 12 meters and flew 56 meters for two and a half seconds.

On March 20, 1969 the first man stepped on a lunar surface. There were only 12 astronauts that landed on a moon. Today, the name of the editor, who ridiculed the pioneer of rocketry been forgotten, and in honor ofGoddard named a crater on the back side of the moon.