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The inventions no one believed in. Television.

The inventions no one believed in. Television.

A method of electrical transmission of images over a distance was patented in 1907 by the Professor of St. Petersburg Technological Institute Boris Rosing. This method is still used in television. The first motion picture succeeded to pass 16 years later. Charles Jenkins managed to do this. Three years later John Baird made the first mechanic system suitable for transmission of moving halftone images. The public positively accepted the novelty, but only few believed that TV is going to be commercially profitable.

The inventor of electron valve Li Defore in 1926 wrote: “Although television technically is possible, it makes no sense from the commercial point of view”.But engineers did not pay attention to such statements and continued to improve methods of image transmission over a distance.

Thanks to Vladimir Zvorykin’s invention in 1931 the image became more distinct. Two years later Zvorykin spoke at the conference of the American Society of Radio Engineers, where he introduced with newly invented television system, later it replaced the mechanic one.

In 1940 he broke the light beam on the blue, red and green colors and thus got a colored TV. Despite the unchallenged triumph, there were still people who believed that television soon will be forgotten. “TV inevitably would go out of fashion because people would get tired to look at the same wooden box every night”- said in 1946, filmmaker Darrell Zanuck.