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Trademark Havana Club in the USA

Trademark Havana Club in the USA

United States Patent and Trademark Office granted the Cuban authorities the right to register trademark of the famous rum brand Havana Club. The license was issued by the state enterprise "Cuba export" "only for 15 days".  However "Cuba export" has sent a request to the Bureau for an extension of the license for at least 10 years.

The Office clarified that the decision "will not have any impact on the business due to the embargo," which prohibits the sale of Cuban food, alcohol and tobacco in the US. However, due to the normalization of relations between Washington and Havana may soon happen that Cuban products will get the way to the US market.

According to many experts this fact will inevitably exacerbate the trade dispute between the Cuban-French company Havana Club International and other manufacturers of rum - Bacardi. Both companies conduct trials for the right to become the sole proprietor of the famous mark Havana Club in the United States. Bacardi sells Havana Club in the United States since 1994. They have bought the rights from the founders of the production of rum, who fled Cuba in the 1960s. Havana Club International is bound to sell its products under the brand Avanista, designed exclusively for the American consumer.

Cuban Havana Club takes 24th place in the list of the world's 100 bestselling alcoholic beverages.