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"VKontakte" is listed as the worst pirate


US authorities have listed the Russian social network "VKontakte" as a company which commits serious copyright violations.

US Trade Office Representative noted that "this activity is detrimental to the US economy, undermining innovation and the American company’s rights to intellectual property."

The report of the Trade Office Representative noted that the Russian social network "promotes files that violate copyright" and "according to reports, is still the focal point of the illegal activities."

The report also notes that publishers, film and music industry offered to include Rapidgator site for inclusion in this year's list of violators.

«Rapidgator based in Russia, but provides allegedly illegal content users are mostly located outside of the country", - the report says.

"List of 2016 emphasizes the necessity for taking an action against these kinds of piracy and counterfeiting," - said US Trade Representative Ambassador Michael Froman.