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Registration and protection of copyright

Any result of creative activity, presented in a particular form (written, oral, graphic, etc.) is a subject of copyright, and this object has its author that possesses rights.

The rights of authors, performers and other rightholders (personal and real) are protected. Categories of rights are presented in the section Copyright. We in our turn propose authors, owners and all the interested persons legal and consulting services that include:

  • Consultations in written and oral form;
  • Analysis and drafting of assignment contracts for copyright and neighboring rights, license contracts;
  • Registration and deposit of works in the Russian Authors’ Society;
  • Drafting of expert opinions on the use and protection of copyright and neighboring rights;
  • Representation and protection of interests in the  court.

1.png  In what cases registration is needed

Should dispute arise in respect of authorship or illegal use of the creation (without permission of author, without payment author’s fees) you should have enough proofs in order to state its copyright that include:

  • Exemplar of a creation where the date of copyright origin is designated along with author’s name. Date of issue of this exemplar is to be proved
  • Voluntary registration and deposit of its creation before the Russian Authors’ Society.

3.png  Objects under registration

  • Short stories, novels, poems;
  • Scenarios of dramatic writings, television programs and shows screenplays;
  • Author's descriptions of games, quizzes and l  lotteries;
  • Literary and publishing projects, collections of literary, artistic, photographic, design and other creations;
  • Articles, pamphlets, scientific papers, manuscripts of scientific research;
  • Author's collections of works;
  • Translations of literary, technical and other texts;
  • Paintings, sculpture, design, graphics, architectural and design projects;
  • Geological, geographical and other maps and plans.

3.png  Necessary documents

  • 2 copies of the creation;
  • Information about the author (copyright holder);
  • A brief abstract of the creation.

The term of the deposit before the Russian Authors’ Society

20 days

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