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Inventions, utility models, industrial designs

In order to obtain a patent on the territory of the Russian Federation it is necessary to prepare and file an application. Having passed the appropriate stages of the examination, you get a document of legal protection for the possession of which annual fees should be paid.

In order to obtain a patent for the invention it is necessary to register at the Patent Office. In this regard it is required to prepare the documents and go through all the stages of patenting: filing an application for a patent, a formal substantive examination.  According to the results of the last stage the decision to grant patent or to refuse to grant a patent is made.

2.png  Registration services

  • Filing application for invention, utility model, industrial design registration;
  • Correspondence with Rospatent, drafting responses on formal requests, notifications;
  • Obtaining of decision of registration, filing request of patent registration and patent grant;
  • Patent receiving and directing it to the Client. 

icon_pdf.pngSchedules of charges

2.png  Necessary documents

  • Description of product and design (technical solution):

- for apparatus/method – area of use, constructional features, working and technical effect, drawings (if there are any);

- for substance/preparation – area of use, quantitative and  qualitative composition, examples and technical effect;

  • Information of patentholder;
  • Information of authors.

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