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Trademark registration under the Madrid System

Before filing an international application it is necessary to register or to file an application in your "native" IP office. Then it is necessary to file an international application through the same IP Office which will attest it and sent to the WIPO.

WIPO sends such applications to the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property - Rospatent. Usual response time by Rospatent does not exceed 12 months.

During pendency of application examination is conducted which include expertise of designation by two criteria - patentability and novelty. The duration of the examination shall not exceed 12 months. In the case when there are objections to the registration an applicant in response receives a provisional refusal via WIPO stating the reason.

3.png  In this case the applicant may send a response to Rospatent

  • A formal acquiescence with the examination results;
  • An objection providing of arguments in favor of registering.

The answer to the provisional refusal is sent by the applicant or his representative directly at Rospatent. The review duration of the response to the provisional refusal in practice does not exceed 3 months. Subsequent to the results of response to the provisional refusal consideration the decision on registration is made and data is published on the website WIPO.

The international registration of your mark is valid for 10 years. You can renew the registration at the end of each 10 year period directly to WIPO upon payment of the fixed fee for the certificate renewal.

2.png  We follow the special price policy  

discount up to 20% for our associates

  • Filing motivated reply to the provisional refusal of the Russian patent office 320 USD;
  • Filing formal reply to the provisional refusal 120 USD.

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