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Patent Research

Research of technical level and technology development trends, various objects and technical solutions, as well as their patentability, novelty on the basis of patent and other information.

Resources of patent information are patent bulletins issued by the patent offices of the search countries, information materials published by the specialized information centers, as well as the publications of WIPO and European Patent Office.

3.png  Patent Research carrying out is necessary in the cases as follow

  • Search of analogues, estimation of technical solutions patentability and deciding on the advisabilities of their legal protection;
  • Novelty estimation, ie, possibilities of smooth production, sale, export or import of technical objects or art-design solutions;
  • Developing of marketing strategy to identify the most promising areas of activity, identify potential competitors, determine the direction of their activity and select your market niche;
  •  Costs estimation and optimization of R&D by excluding duplication of research and development at the early stage.

3.png  Necessary documents

  • Description of product and design (technical solution):

for apparatus/method – area of use, constructional features, working and technical effect, drawings (if there are any)

for substance/preparation – area of use, quantitative and  qualitative composition, examples and technical effect

  • List of countries for research purposes and further product realization.

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